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Clinics and locations

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It’s Patty’s great desire to enable a network of 25 clinics to support the nationwide medical coverage for expecting mothers and their babies in Pakistan.

Each Patty’s Child Clinics Pakistan will be equipped with the most modern medical equipment; in addition to general medical and gynecological equipment, especially ultrasound, respirators, suction pumps and birthing beds. 

Furthermore, the medical long-term care is guaranteed by specialized personnel such as gynecologists, midwives and nurses. 

Up until today, 3 Patty’s Child Clinics have been realized and support mothers and their children in daily matters. 

The 1. Patty’s Child Clinic Chillianwala is located in the north-east of Pakistan in the district of Mandi Bahauddin, which lies in the Punjab region.

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The 2. Patty’s Child Clinic Mianwal Ranjha is also located in the north-east of Pakistan. The village Mianwal Ranjha is located in the district of Mandi Bahauddin in the region of Punjab.

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The 3. Patty’s Child Clinic Chak 16 in the north-east of Pakistan supports expecting mothers and their children in the village of Chak 16, which may also be found in the region Punjab. 

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Patty and her team work constantly on evaluating new locations for Patty’s Child Clinics. Of course, applications and tips from local authorities are warmly welcomed. All locations are chosen in close consultation with the local medical and political authorities to ensure the greatest possible benefit for its residents.