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Clinic No. 2 – Mianwal Ranjha

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-25 um 15.16.54

The second Patty’s Child Clinic in Mianwal Ranjha was inaugurated on February 1st, 2020! 

What a celebration! Hundreds of families followed our invitation and celebrated with us the opening of the second clinic in the sun. 

We gained a lot of experience at the first Patty’s Child Clinic. So the new equipment in the clinic is not only brand new, but also exactly what is needed on site! But take a look for yourself!

We are so very grateful to our donors and sponsors, that a second clinic could be realized in such a short time! So many people have helped to help! Thank you!

Attached video on the occasion of the inauguration of the 2. Patty’s Child Clinics Pakistan is a must-see to not only receive impressions in regards to the party and people, but most importantly the new Patty’s Child Clinic!